Golden Moon

Lately my weekends have been filled with more work and less fun than I would like. My workload, both professionally and academically, has been a little too high for my taste. On top of all that my wife and I have been trying to buy a house, while selling the one we are in. Crazy times. A few weeks ago I was able to take a much needed break and try a new speak-easy opened by the Golden Moon Distillery.

Golden Moon Distillery Speak-Easy
1100-1198 Miner’s Alley
Golden, CO 80401

For those who have not been to a speak-easy, they can be a fun experience for a cocktail lover. The establishments I have been to pay homage to the old prohibition days with period décor and the wardrobe. They offer premium spirits, hand cut and crushed ice, knowledgeable staff, and finely crafted cocktails. Golden Moon Distilleries speak-easy is no different.

The speak-easy is located near the Golden Hotel in a back alley. Very reminiscent of a classic prohibition establishment location. I honestly walked right past it and did not see it the first time. When you walk in you are welcomed by rich wood floors and walls, dark colors, and a warm atmosphere. The place is small, perhaps a dozen tables, and there is a very nice bar that seats around ten. The bartenders all wear prohibition period clothes, which make for a fun atmosphere. There was even some great live music as the night went on.

Behind the bar you will only see one brand of spirits, Golden Moon Distilleries. The speak-easy only serves its own brand of spirits, which I find very unique and respectable. The bartenders all seemed very knowledge and offered a very diverse and unique drink list. There were many classic cocktails, such as the gin fizz and the manhattan, but there were also many cocktails I had not seen before. I ordered a “On Da’ Beach”, which was Gin, coconut milk, and lime. I was intrigued by the mix of ingredients and had to give it a shot. I was rewarded by a great tasting cocktail that had a tropical feel, but was not too sweet. The lime really helped to offset the sweetness of the coconut milk.

Overall I was very impressed with the Golden Moon Distillery speak-easy. The drinks were stiff, the flavors well layered and balanced, and the atmosphere was inviting and enjoyable. The drinks carried the typical speak-easy price (approximately $10-12 per drink), so not a place to spend a day drinking at. They offer meat and cheese plates, which would be nice after a few of their stiff cocktails. There are two downsides to the place I want to mention. First, they limit the spirits to Golden Moon only. I respect that approach, but if I am going to pay $12 for a cocktail, I want to be able to choose my spirit. Second, I was not a huge fan of Golden Moon’s whiskey. I really do enjoy Golden Moon spirits, so I was very disappointed with the whiskey.

If you want to try a new local speak-easy with a unique cocktail selection and local roots, try Golden Moon Distillery’s speak-easy. I highly recommend the trip.

Cocktail of the Week: Martinez

This one comes from a Washington DC bartender Derek Brown and is a twist on a classic martini. I have not found a maraschino cherry liqueur I like, so I substitute Leopold’s Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur in this cocktail.

One-and-a-Half ounces Gin (Old Tom gin is recommended for this one, but go with what you like)
One-and-a-Half ounces sweet vermouth
1 Teaspoon Maraschino liqueur (or Tart Cherry in my case)
2 dashes of orange bitters
Orange peel for garnish
Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice. Stir vigorously for around 30 seconds. Strain into a glass and garish with orange peel.


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